Twitter stops counting photos, videos, GIFs in 140-characters


The day has come when you can write more on Twitter, well not exactly, but now your 140-characters will not count photos, GIFs, videos and polls. So basically you can use all the 140-characters for your tweet. The company rolled out the feature on Monday night.

The latest Twitter feature allows users to utilise 140-characters for text, while not counting media attachments. The new character limit update is also applicable for “quote tweets”. This means if you are retweeting someone else’s tweet while adding your own words to it, you’ll have the full 140-characters set to use.

The company seems to have updated the Twitter app on Android. Twitter’s Google Play Store page says “A few updates to make Twitter even better. Happy Tweeting!” along with Sept 19 as latest update. You can either update it manually or wait for the update to show up in your phone.

Twitter on iOS has also been updated, it reads “Count fewer characters! Now adding a picture, video, GIF, poll or Quote tweet won’t cut into your 140 character count”.



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